HeARTs for Autism artworkHeARTs for Autism artworkHeARTs for Autism artworkHeARTs for Autism artworkHeARTs for Autism artwork
HeARTs for Autism®
Supporting Families and Raising Awareness for the Autism Spectrum Disorders

HeARTs for Autism® was born in 2005!
11 years later, over 1000 families have connected with us looking for help, information, advocacy, fun times for their ASD children, support for the siblings, quiet time for the parents, and a sense of hope & joy in the midst of the struggles of Autism. We invite YOU to be part of the HeART-felt connections ~ By donating, you allow us to continue to offer programs to the kids and families. Can you help? Will you help? Autism is difficult on so many levels, but together, we can offer creative, heart centered ways to improve the quality of life for the ASD person and family.

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Autism is... Coloring Outside the Lines.
Love is... Expanding the Lines™.
Welcome to the HeARTs for Autism® website! We invite you to please look around, get to know us, gather helpful information, and enjoy the beautiful art and photo galleries.

HeARTs for Autism® is a grass-roots, volunteer, charitable, non-profit organization of parents, kids, professionals and artists committed and inspired to use art therapeutically with ASD persons and their families, while educating the public about ASD and advocating for integrated, improved services.

Given the “spectrum” nature of the ASD condition, HeARTs for Autism uses a variety of methods to address the needs of ASD persons and their families. A unique component of HeARTs for Autism is we incorporate the parents, siblings and autistic children during one program. The children learn to express themselves through Art, while the parents network, learn useful information and most importantly, receive much needed nurturing through various holistic stress reduction techniques. Teaching awareness and relaxation, we encourage caregivers to practice self care. Doing so, they become more centered and better able to genuinely connect and support their ASD person.

Art created in our programs is then used for advocacy and to educate the larger community about neurodiversity and the specific needs in the Autism Spectrum population. Our public outreaches support numerous regional and national Autism organizations as we work together to spread the message about the need for more education and research to solve the puzzling mystery of these disorders.

Ultimately, ours is a message of acceptance and support. People with diagnoses often feel like outcasts and the families can be marginalized. Art becomes a way to transcend limits and express the beauty and value of each person. Art connects our hearts and souls. Sharing creativity becomes a way to encourage all people to see the gifts we each possess... A way to invite the community to be open, embracing and supportive.

Watch our Videos

Autism Spectrum Family Creative Art and Movement Classes
Fun photos of kids and adults enjoying quality time of connecting, learning, sharing and feeling the love & support of our programs. Thank you to our many supporters as we touch the hearts of the Autism community.

Fan video of Taylor Swift's "Mean"
Made by young people with Autism, siblings and friends. A message for anti-bullying and a message of love and acceptance. What if we make better choices? What if Love is the answer? (Video produced by LITA Productions, Love Is The Answer, Director Erika Schwoyer, age 14, sibling of Asperger.)

Supporting the Autism Spectrum Community through the ARTS

HeARTs for Autism logoWe grew from 19 families to over 500 families associated with our program and over 1000 people involved in various ways. HeARTs for Autism is situated in Philadelphia and serves families throughout the region. Our family-based, free monthly art program is very popular and addresses various themes and topics. We also co-host events for ASD families at local cultural and entertainment venues.

We use the arts therapeutically with parents, grandparents, siblings and ASD persons in varying ways to allow them to de-stress and embrace “Life on the Spectrum.” For the ASD person, we offer tools to enhance social and communicative expression through creativity.

We offer special workshops and presentations for parent groups, schools and agencies. Topics - Coloring Outside the Lines; Special Moms...Special Moments & Spectrum Kidz Yoga®

Check out our blog for inspiration, ideas and tips:

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Earth Rays by Kevin – HeARTS for Autism

Earth Rays
Kevin, Asperger, age 8

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