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December 2007 – Rex, Music and Making Connections

Hello Families and Friends on the Spectrum Journey!

Below is a link to interesting video clips of a boy with Autism who is a musical genius. What struck me was the parental discovery which greatly improved the quality and outcome for their son. Their child had extreme sensitivity to touch in his hands, along with many other things like blindness. Even so, the father bought a keyboard for him. It turned out Rex could touch this and even showed interest - this turned into the discovery that he was a musical prodigy.

Although that is of interest, that is not why I am sending the email. I am sharing because of a point we make at HeARTs over and over...to try different things...look for ways to engage your child...look for those links which might turn into developmental gains. We don’t all have prodigies for children, but we do have beautiful children seeking connection and expression - and we often will be the bridge - the connection between their world and ours.

This is true of humanity as a whole. We don’t need diagnoses to feel separate - many people suffer from isolation and loneliness, and our busy lifestyles deplete the healthiest and strongest of people. But taking time to be “present” - to truly connect; to truly observe; to truly listen - this heart to heart contact liberates us all.

Enjoy, and ponder what ways we can connect with our ASD persons...and with each other, as we seek to inspire love and beauty and spread a little joy in this season.


Robin V Schwoyer
HeARTs for Autism, Director

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