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HeARTs for Autism®
Supporting Families and Raising Awareness for the Autism Spectrum Disorders

Family Testimonials

What family members and others have to say about HeARTs for Autism®

Thank you, thank you!!! We have looked for a place where the whole family can fit. This is it! HeARTs for Autism is totally unique!
– PM, Philadelphia

I LOVE IT! I can just feel the love coming from these rooms. You people really care about me and my son. I have all new friends thanks to HeARTs!
– DK, Philadelphia

I wasn't sure about the parent meditation part. I am too busy to do self care. But they teach me I HAVE to take time for me or my kids will suffer in the long run. I love this program!
– MD, Philadelphia

HeARTs for Autism helped me understand my child. Robin shared so much of what she knew with me and we had a great IEP.
– EZ, Montgomery County

I can't believe my son painted this. He has never done anything like this. I love it!
– MH, Philadelphia

My friends are all here. I like the snacks.
– Kevin, age 10, Philadelphia

I have always looked for a good program to help out with. I love to volunteer and we can really see we make a difference to these families. HeARTs has made a difference for me.
– IP, Philadelphia

What an extraordinary web site! My first reaction as soon as it filled the screen was that the soothing colors, the entire color palette, and the composition "spoke" to me even before I read a word. This is such a work of love.
– Pat Amos, Youth Advocates Program, Inc.

This is fantastic! I love your website! It is fun, informative and exactly what we need!
– AG, Philadelephia

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